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Recording Session in Berlin

Finally got around to record this week in Berlin with my amazing pianist Maria Urbanovitch and the sound engineer Benedikt Schöder, recordings are hard on so many levels... first you have to confront yourself with your voice which is a horrible process, then you have to manage your time, find the right recording strategy for each aria depending on the technical difficulty of the piece, your fitness and concentration level, it is an exercise in patience with yourself and with others, and I just hate it, no wonder I never get around to doing it... Plus it was 39 Degrees today in Berlin, I almost fainted at the end of the recording from exhaustion and heat.

We recorded 2 arias: first the Mirror Aria from Massenet's Thais and second the soprano most dreaded aria of E stranooo...Sempre Libera from Act1 of La Traviata.

Here you can already listen to the result of the Thais Aria, Traviata I don't have yet...

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